Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Tigers By Georgia Couch

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One day in the jungle there were lots and lots of animals and near that jungle there was a city that was making a lot of smoke, pollution and noise.

The animals started panicking. Before the humans came it was quiet and peaceful and not so dry also there was more water.It was nice having lots of water (because the water helps deer and other animals that tigers like to eat survive so the tigers get more food and can hunt well).

There were two tigers drinking from a little water hole and they were talking about the city and the humans.Tiger 1 was just ignoring tiger 2 tiger 1 was just drinking from the water hole and saying "we will be alright stop panicking just shut up and relax" tiger 2 said "how am I going to relax when we could be killed the other tigers have been shot and taken in big trucks".
Tiger 2 was screaming at tiger 1 tiger 2 was saying "The humans are coming"!

Tiger 2 and tiger l saw humans cutting down trees with a chainsaw. Tiger 2 kept saying to tiger l "come on run!" but it was too late they got shot!! They woke up in a zoo tiger l said "see were ok and we even get free food and a lot of running space too."Tiger 2 never liked the zoo and hated the humans looking at him he always tried to escape tiger l said "I love this new place and saw the other tigers."    
By Georgia Couch

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