Thursday, 18 September 2014

Endangered Tigers - by Molly

There was a village where people lived. They're starting to destroy the jungle habitat to make farms.
One day the  forest was changing because they are starting to kill off the trees and the animals to feed their own families. But what about the animals?

Before the killing started there was nothing but jungle and animals. Later on the two tigers were going to the watering hole. It was full of water that all the animals drink from. The two tigers were talking "I wonder what will happen in the future?'' he said "will there be lots of water left for us to drink" he said. "Maybe, maybe not" he said'.

The two tigers went to the watering hole every day. They noticed that it got smaller every day. "Is the watering hole getting smaller?" They said to themselves.                                  

One day, some people came with cameras to shoot the tigers but not bullets just photos, they were tourists. The animals felt strange because they didn't know what happened. They stopped cutting down the trees because they have created a nature reserve for the tigers. Even  though they destroyed most of the habitat got destroyed but they are safe in the nature reserve.😊

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