Monday, 1 September 2014

We should have cats! By Thomas and Sam

We strongly believe cats should be allowed as pets in New Zealand. Some people may think cats are lame and some people will think that they are cool. We don't like them but we still want people to have them because some people like cats and it is unfair for them.  
Firstly we think Gareth Morgan is so silly because he thinks he can ban cats. But some of us think he can ban cats because they are just cats.  Cats may be harmful but they still have the right to be alive and live. Most people in New Zealand love cats. There is no point of taking all of the cats away just for a few people.   

Secondly we think cats should be allowed as pets because they can be a companion for a human.  Cats do not intend to hurt you. It because they think you are going to hurt them or they are scared because you are bigger  than them. thats why they scratch people  they  don't  mean to they just are

If  you  kill all cats in New zealand  they won't   be  able to be the  most  popular pets in New zealand. Then the dogs will be the most  popular pets in New Zealand.  Then you won't  believe  that cats were real  then we won't have memory  of cats and what is the point of  having cats if you just kill them. thats not fair for them to be extinct then they will get angry at you and scratch you.

Therefore I think that cat should stay in New Zealand. Some cats look very cute. Especially kittens they are very cute. They are even better than dogs. Because you can't let dogs off a leash. But sometimes cats come to other houses and will do poos. That is why cats should not be banned from New Zealand.  

By Thomas and Sam

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  1. Hi Thomas and Sam

    Your writing was very detailed and very persuasive. That was a good hook you used to start your writing. Keep up the good work.

    From Panmure Bridge School