Thursday, 18 September 2014

We Need a New Jungle - by Tony

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Deep in the oasis jungle there were thousands and thousands of rivers and ponds but now only a few of each were left. Because of the humans they were using the water for their farms and other needs by diverting the river.

Tiger one was just walking towards the pond he usually drinks from. After a few minutes of drinking he heard something rustling in the bushes, it sounded like it was growling for help, and he thought it was a deer or a boar . But how could a deer or a boar be growling? What could it be…?

When he was about to jump and kill the poor thing but no!, out came Tiger two his old friend which he got really mad at once.

Tiger one started to ask questions. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"This is what happened to me and why I'm here."  Tiger two said.

"This is how it all started. First my family got caught and killed by those two legged creatures, so I started looking for revenge in their jungle which had very straight trees with no leaves and also they can live inside them! Then I tried to kill one of their animals for some food, but I got hit in the leg by a very small and fast bird which came out of a very strange looking stick."

"And here I am barely walking and wounded by this water-hole.".

Tiger one got up from drinking and said "You know what my old friend? I was thinking about what you just said, and I always wanted to get out of here with a friend, but the thing is they are all dead. I was thinking of trusting you again, and I think it's time, I do.".

"So lets get out of here and let's go into a new jungle.".

"Be here tomorrow early in the morning. I know a way through this jungle to a forest which leads to a different jungle.".

Tiger two was so happy. " Thank you so much. I won't be late, I promise.".
The next they started their journey to a new world and a new beginning.

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