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Tiger Facts By Ella Lash

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               The Bengal tiger live in Evergreen forests, Mangrove swamps, Tropical rainforests and grasslands in India.


Tigers can use their distinctive coats to camouflage . After they lay in the grass then wait and creep up close enough to attack their victim with a quick spring and fatal pounce. This is called an ambush kill.


The Bengal tigers diet is wild boar, wild horses, buffalo,  roe deer, yak, Sambar and other prey food


Most Tigers don't have prides like lions do.
They don't have family units because the male plays no part in his offspring. They are lone hunters and predators.


These are different types of tigers in the world some are really endangered there is the Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Indochinese and the south china tiger.

Threats to the Tiger
There are many threats to the tiger, some are hunting and poaching of the tiger for its skin or body parts. The Asian medicinal trade claims a lot of tigers. Loss of habitat is the last threat facing the tigers.

By Ella Lash


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