Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Review - By Nadav

The new Playground in Stonefields

Have you heard of the new playground in stonefields? Well I really hope you have! It is a first-class playground and one of the best of them! If you want a marvelous playground to take your kids, then this is the playground you're looking for! It has a slide, a water contraption, a dam and much more! It's suitable to a different range of ages and has a variety of stuff to do! It's near the cafe, the school and more!

Today I will be reviewing the new playground and some of its rides e.g the water contraption and dam, the diggers, the swings, the spinning top and the slide! This will hopefully persuade you to go and support this wonderful playground! I really think that if you try it you'll enjoy it more than any playground you've ever been to!

In my opinion my two number one things to do are the water contraption/dam and the diggers. The reason being is that the diggers have levers that you can move around to dig and empty. I like the water contraption/dam because in the fountain you can block and charge up water and let go then, when the dam is almost flooded you can open it up and it flows to a water screw. I don't like the sand because it gets in my eyes, my shoes and it's just annoying. The flying fox is a bit loose and feels like you are about to fall off. The problem is that there is no toilet. I like the swings just because I like swings and I like how the swings have rubber, covering the chains. I like the slide because when you slide down it, you go really really fast!

I think this playground is suitable to all ages up to 9/10, people who like playgrounds and people who like sand! So I hope this persuaded you to go and check out this playground.

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