Friday, 24 October 2014

Cutting Edge of Fun! By Mia

Have you seen the new modern playground in Stonefields? It’s the new park full of laughter, adventure and most of all - fun!
It’s unbelievably close to the Stonefields Market, School, Mt Wellington and many other venues. This playground is ideal for the whole family because it has many thrilling attractions in the park
for all ages and stages!

This park is a perfect excuse to escape the boringness of your house!
Your kids will be begging to stay the whole day so - Why not? There is a vast amount of lush grass great for having a picnic on!
There are many features in the playground such as a turntable, a uber cool water feature, swings, basket swing, slide, jungle gym, mini diggers, a flying fox and many other attractions to enjoy.

I think that the only down side to the park is that it has no toilets there are still many other toilets around. Also, if you are not a sand lover you may want to avoid this park but surprisingly all the rest is great! This park is made with safety in mind with sand covering most of the ground rathern than splintering bark but is still heaps of fun as well! The park has been made with quality and quantity so you will never get bored of it!

This playground is a definite must do for all kids - and adults from the age of three years right to the age of 70!because it is the cutting edge of fun! I definitely hope that you enjoy my review - and the park!

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