Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My holidays


My exciting holidays

I came to New Zealand , Auckland on the 10th of April at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. My aunt met me in the Airport. Then, we drove to our house. After that, I ate my breakfast. My cousin met me and was very happy. Seven days ago, I came to my cat Motis. He was so happy! 
Then on Saturday, my cousin Dasha and I came to KellyTarltons. It was very exciting! We saw a Moray Eel, some clown fish, sharks and more! At Kelly Tarltons we met my aunt's friend. Her name is Olga. 

She invited us to her house in the evening. We were really happy and cheerful. After that, in the evening we came to her house. It was very big.We played with her children. She has got 3 children-one girl and two boys. Olga has got a pool.But we didn't swim there. She has a big balcony.After that, we came home and went to bed.
By Sophie

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  1. Hi Sofiya/Dasha!

    The thing that I really liked about your story was the fantastic punctuation! I liked it because you used a large variety of punctuation E.G-comma's,capital letters,explanation marks and periods.

    do you think you would be able to a little extra figurative language E.G- similes,metaphors and/or personification?

    from Mia.