Monday, 12 May 2014



On sunday I went to the farm with my dad and brother Oliver. It took two hours to get there. When we got out of I felt sick because the road was windy, after that Paul came out of the door but he came out wearing the same clothes he was wearing all week. So he got changed and then he got out the digger it so i got to ride there and my dad and brother went in the trailer .

When we got there we had to feed the pigs tomatoes and rotten mike that he left outside it looked like cheese. Next we feeded the hungry chickens Paul got out a bucket full of wheat we had to throw it in the pen. But my brother doesn't know how to throw wheat so he throw it up in the air when it came down it felt like hail.

When we were putting the bucket back I saw a buck and Paul had his shotgun in his boot of the car and he gave  it to my dad he waked as quiet as a mouse and then boom it was as loud as lightning. My dad got it it was my job to find it but my brother found it so he had to put it in the trailer but you know how my brother and dad had to ride in the trailer so they had to go ride in the chamber with the bead buck and then we went home.

By Luca


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