Friday, 9 May 2014

Mini - Golf

On Thursday 1st of May I went to Mini - Golf with my Dad, Shay, Nadav and Aixa. (Shay's Friend) It was in Tamaki Drive and we decided to go there because we knew it would be really fun! I had a Blue ball and Nadav's ball was Dark Green. Shay was really excited, she had a smile as big as the big sun!

My favourite hole was hole 7, I liked it because there were lots of tunnels which makes the ball go in different directions. I think the trickiest one was hole 8 because there were lots of turns and tricky parts. The easiest hole would have to be hole 1 because it's the first level and I got a hole in 2. (Which was the par.)

At the end I added up the scores and I got 62 points, Nadav got 84, Shay got 71 and Aixa got 74. So, Nadav came last, Aixa came 3rd, Shay was 2nd and I placed First! Yay!

It was as fun as going on one of the rides at Rainbows End!

By Bar

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