Friday, 9 May 2014


The Farm

In the holidays I went to the farm. Mum and dad drove me and my sister down.It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes.We went down because mum and dad had to go to a wedding in ahope and they had to work the next week.At the farm I did lots of cool things like going to the hot pools, mini golf, rode motorbikes, played with a friend, and learnt how to drive a tracktors.The day after we got there I went to my friends house which is next door.His name is Thomas.We rode motorbikes together we played in the pool together we even milked cows together.Then I went home.The next day I watched tv and played PS3. The game that I played was rugby world cup 2011.I won the world cup.Then I went for a motorbike ride.I went top speed and top speed in top gear.The next day me and poppa went rabbit hunting.It was as hot as hollywood. I don't know why I brought my thermal. We shot nothing though. So we walked back.Then we had lamb chops for dinner.Hmmmmmmmmm.The next day poppa tought me how to drive a tracktor.I said "this is going to help when I learn how to drive a car".On Friday the following week mum and dad came down for duck shooting. Me, dad and his friend Wal shot 8 ducks. The funny thing was that the wild cats ate one of the ducks.

By Ashton

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  1. Hi Ashton very good writing
    I really enjoyed reading your story