Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rainbows End

On the first of may I went to rainbows ends . I went with all of my family but not my dad because he had work. When we went there it was a big line so a lady asked as if we wanted to go to the blue door and get our tickets inside so it would be easier for us.When we were done me and Hillary and Silas the first ride we went on was the roller coaster which was my first time in rainbows ends.When it was our turn I felt a bit nevos because i was very happy and it was amazing and it went fast.And it was very hot like hot water shining brightly  on us.After the ride was done we went onto another ride which was so fun and then we had to sit anad the chairs spined around and the wheel turned around and we thought that our foots would hit the thing.Me and Hillary had to sit with me beause she had to look after me the next ride was called alien and it was a round dics with lots of chairs and it was blue. When we went on it we sat on it and then it went slow and spined and then it went very fast and the we started screaming because we thought that we were about to fall off.After we were done we went the fear fall which was very amazing because we could see everything and when we went down we almost going to vomit.The next ride we on was the new ride called the satmosphere when we got to the line it was very very long and we wanted to go on because my mum said that we only had one more ride to go to.When is was our turn we were very scared because we saw other people going on it we were screaming our heads off because the ride went upside down and we thought we were about to fall we wanted to stop the ride.When the ride stoped we went to the bumper boats and hten we had to wait in line.That was the last ride because we had to go home.when we got to go on we started to get wet and bump people and we were wet.By the time our turn was done were wet like a we fish in the deep blue sea.

By Lanessa

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  1. I like the way that you described what you are doing and staying on the same topic. I also like the way you describe yourself by using the simile "you're wet like a fish In the deep blue sea".