Monday, 5 May 2014



When it was sunday 19 April I went to wellington on a plane. My mum and dad and sisters and me went.  My dad wanted to go because he liked to go to wellington. We woke up early and went to the airport to go on the plane.

It was a sunny day in Wellington when we got there. But I got blocked ears. It was a very bumpy landing on the plane. When we go off we went on the bus. The bus took us to Te papa. Then we had our lunch. We looked at the amazing colossal squid. It was really big. We watched a colossal squid movie. It was really cool.

We went back on the bus back to the airport and went on the plane. I had to sit next to somebody I didn't know. The lady sitting next to me asked me what my name is. When we got to the airport we went in the car back to home.

By Thomas

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