Friday, 9 May 2014



On monday morning  at 7pm I woke up and got dressed in my ski stuff which was extremely hot and went downstairs for breakfast I had sausages Which was yum.
After breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth and check everything was in it my bag.
My sister was almost ready waited for her. When she was ready we put our shoes on and
we went over to luca's because Luca's mom was taking us to snow planet.Daniel arrived just after we got there because he was coming to. daniel had to put on his ski clothes and we all hoped on the car and off we went. The car jouney was boring and hot and sticky . When we were inside the building the site was amazing.We got are ski boots on and we put on our skis and went into the fridge it was cold I was so thankful that mum made me put on extra clothes.We waited for our instructor to come. When she came she showed us how to sidestep so we move around we hoped on this magic carpet at the top she showed us how to stop and turn we basically just practice that for the rest of the lesson.

By William            

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