Tuesday, 13 May 2014



In the holidays I went to pitch and putt with Nick. I hit 3 pars Nick got 5 pars. He won by a lot. It was in Ellerslie next to the race track. My clubs were brand new.I was really excited to use them. All of the holes were par 3.The longest hole was 135 meters long the smallest hole was 75 meters long.There was 9 holes. After that went home and Nick washed the car.
By Brodie


  1. Hi Brodie,
    I haven't played golf before. My dad knows how to play golf so he might teach me. I might be able to go to to play golf. But I don't know what pars are. What are pars?

  2. Hi Brodie
    I like how you explained how many holes you got and in how many hits.
    You could make a bit more of it make sense.
    How many holes did you do all together.

  3. Hi Brodie
    I Like how you explained how your day played out in order.I also liked how you explained the scores.I really liked how you explained when it was It sounds like your day was really fun.I would like to know what the weather was like and what the final score was?