Thursday, 8 May 2014

Football Match

Eastern Suburbsvs

Seven o'clock I get out of bed and get my Eastern Suburbs gear on. Then I made my bed went down the stairs and had fried egg for breakfast. Then I put on my game socks and read a book before we had to get in the car.Then at eight thirty me and my dad got into the car and drove down the road  to crosfield and parked the car. We got out and walked to the pitch.The team was there waiting I got my warm up goalkeeper gloves on and warmed up soon bay olympic showed up then we kicked of. About 10 seconds  later we scored by our striker jd 1-0 to us.  At halftime we were five  goals up and Bay Olympic had not scored we kept on scoring until  full time. At the end of the game we had powerade and Cole asked us if we would like to come to a sleepover at his place.  We all said yes and arrived at 5 at his place.

By Freddie

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  1. hi freddie.

    I like your story on the football match.

    next time you could explain more of the day as in was it cold was it hot.

    What was the full time score.