Saturday, 6 June 2015

We all have different PERSPECTIVES.  
We think differently and have different life experiences which means we respond differently.

Ask our learners what they are currently discussing, making meaning of? Today!!!

Here are some of our topics

Out door cafe anyone?

School gym with a view?

It is easy to have a perspective, but does
everyone agree with us.

We had a wave of sadnees sweep over some of us.
Is it me? 
Can't be they just don't get how important my idea is? 
What if I could explain my idea? 
Some experienced hapiness!! 
Yes !! They like my idea, I knew it was a good one
The outdoor cafe and the gym with a view were warmly welcomed.
Some of us changed our angle!! 
Why don't they like my idea?
Soccer shop became the sports rock shop!!
Pet day changed BMX track
Free icecrem recieved cheers.
Some were hoping the juniors will not have the same feelings.  

Happy days

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