Friday, 26 June 2015

Break Through Update

Today we've been busy in our Break Through learning!  The majority of our learners are working in the Apply Understanding part of our Learning Process which means they're applying what they've learnt throughout the term. 

Here the Clash of Clans group can be seen offering a workshop to teach interested learners how to play Clash of Clans and to assist them in developing their skills.  They did a great job of sharing their ideas clearly and helping the other learners with expert advice.

Luca and Elijah have been determined in their learning this term and their hard work is paying off!  They've been approached by a local tennis coach to design and create a spray-painted sign for the tennis club.  Here they are having their last practice before moving onto the final sign.

Brittany and Isaac have been learning about investigators this term.  They worked with a constable to explore our school grounds and tried to crack the case of the missing school speakers... the case ran cold but they've not given up!  They've designed a way to collect finger prints using the graphite/lead from pencils and have started documenting some of the prints of our hub-mates.

Here we have Amber, Erin and Megan who have been learning about cultures and what makes places special and unique.  They invited Megan's Dad in to share some interesting information about Sri Lanka and have been building their knowledge about Malaysia, China and Sri Lanka.  This poster shares a number of the important religious features, maps, animals, flowers and food.  All three of these ladies were born in New Zealand but have family from one of these countries.  What a fantastic way to learn more about their cultures and share this with one another!

Maya has been learning to knit this term... here are her presentations to demonstrate the process that she's been though.

Mason's been building his knowledge of coding using a neat website called Scratch.  This is a clock that he made using a range of commands.  Would you like to request that he makes a specific game?  Let's give him a challenge!

Esame's group has been learning all about hair dressing and have been designing and practicing different styles.  They would love it if you would leave them some feedback!  What do you think they did well?  What might they improve on?

... and here's Carmen practicing her gymnastics pose as part of 'build knowledge'.

LH1 learners, I wonder where your break through will take you next term?  Have a think about how you can extend yourselves and make the most of your time!

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