Monday, 4 May 2015

My cartoon by Oliver V

Hero 0.

Episode 1

Hero 0 helps people when they are trouble.
Hero 0 stops the bad guys messing things up.
Here comes the bad guys stomp,stomp,stomp.
The bad guys take the people.
Then all of a sudden Hero 0 saves the people.
The bad guy are angry and say i'll get you next time.
But then the bad guys start to run Hero 0 starts to run to.
Hero 0 is tired but he is not giving up because he wants to
save the people in his city.Hero 0 turns on his jetpack and flies
away.Hero 0 got away just in time.The people were screaming he
shot the bad guys.The people saw the blood on the road.Hero 0
laughed well he flew away.The people were happy.They loved
Hero 0 for the rest of their lives.

Episode 2

Hero 0 is at home watching TV.
The news reporter said "the bad guy we're not dead".
Hero 0 said "what how could this be possible".
Hero 0 was angry he wants to stop the bad guys.
The news reporter said "they were robots".
The news reporter said "the bad guys were on mars".
Hero 0 said that he was going to find the bad guys so he did.
Hero 0 went to mars with his suit on and jet pack.
Hero 0 saw a house on mars.
Hero 0 was super happy.Hero 0 raced there as fast as
Hero 0 could.Hero 0 went through a window. Hero 0 saw
that they were playing a game.Hero 0 got his gun and shot the
table.The bad guys fell down from the chairs.
blood went everywhere.Hero 0 went down to see if it was the robots
again.And it was the bad guys.Hero 0 was happy.

The end

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