Wednesday, 20 May 2015

********** Who is this learner? ***********

Today is the day history can record when a student initiated a learner led conference.

His parent and I listened, we asked questions as we Built knowledge   with our senses.

He introduced us to how he Built knowledge in maths, he found information in presentations, then showed us in concept how he Makes meaning by fleshing out ideas and considering options on how he will approach his current ideas.

He is currently considering in concept the following aspects that learners and teacher could benefit from if they were available to all:

  • Stonefields school gymn
  • Breakfast club
  • School Mascot
Applying understanding comes naturally to this learner, he stands and recalls how he justified his position on why imprisonment for life is an unjust concept.

He demonstrates how he felt and that people should be forgiven after they have served their time.

But wait there was more.... He shared with us his writing and reading goals ........his excitement said it all.
       The sky is the limit to his learning.    

Who is this Learner? Leave a comment on the Blog and tell me who you think he is? Don't forget to tell me why you think it is him?