Thursday, 10 April 2014

Successful Afternoon

We were so lucky today to have some parents able to come in and share some stories/memories/opinions about the concept SUCCESS. We all thoroughly enjoyed your openness to share and willingness to answer questions. We surely learn't some valuable messages and hope that we can share with you as the year unfolds more success in the classroom and beyond. 
Thank you again 
Hub 8


  1. Hello,
    I really like the photos that your class took. I really looks like fun on what you were doing. Keep the work up. From Inotia

  2. That day was great we all got to meet different people and there life story's I made a connection when I met the PM of New Zealand and the people I meet like Georgias dad he played for the Chiefs.

  3. Cool, all the pictures look interesting, too bad I wasn't there. I hope that all of you were exited about them coming, In hub 4 last year we had something like this but sharing about culture not people.
    Who were some of the people there?

    from Daria

  4. The successful people afternoon was great. We all loved learning about other peoples.