Monday, 10 February 2014

'Digital Dig'

In Hub 8 we are using both Chromebooks and Netbooks to support our learning. To make the most of our Google Apps and devices we need to be  smart-users.

The 'Digital Dig' is an opportunity for us to learn, create and share smart strategies for using our device.

Explore the Digital Dig on our Hub 8 site and you may discover a new smart strategy. If you have a top tip or a question we might be able to help you with please leave us a comment.


  1. Hello LH8, thank you again for welcoming me to your Hub today. I am looking forward to exploring your Digital Dig discoveries.
    Can I recommend that you find out how to do the following first as this will help you with many of the Digital Dig activities.
    1. Screenshot - capture part of your screen
    2. Use the Find bar (ctrl-F)
    2. Keyboard shortcuts to open new tabs

    see you all next Monday,
    Mrs Grant

  2. This 'Digital Dig' stuff could save me a lot of time and help me to use my computer better. I think I am going to follow the learning suggestions and learn how to do these things too!

  3. It was fun and really helpful for our safety on the internet.