Monday, 20 July 2015

Cultural Break Through


We researched a country and got lots of information and then we had a shared lunch. We had to bring some ingredients  to make something from that country. before we had the shared lunch we had to know a little bit about that country so we started with brining what we already know about that country. Then we put all of our information on the slides to prove that we know about the country that we are researching for breakthrough. At the shared lunch the meals were butter chicken, south african porridge, Thailand pancakes and other sorts of food. We researched about our countries on wikipedia and google. When we had our shared Sam, Jessica, Yinion and Ashlee cooked food for the shared lunch at school.

By Elyshia and Ashlee

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  1. Kia ora Sam, Jessica, Yinion, Ashlee and Elyshia wow The food looks great.